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Program Benefits

Benefits of Communication Leadership

Comm Lead provides students the best of both worlds: an evening degree program aligned with the schedules and values of the working professional, but with the one-on-one care and extra-curricular support and opportunities associated with a traditional day-program.

Our classes are taught by the best in the field and combine the strengths of full time faculty at the Department of Communication, as well as part time faculty from industry.

Comm Lead provides students leadership opportunities related to the program: from editorships of the Flip the Media blog; to international internships. Comm Lead encourages each student to be entrepreneurial in their quest for resources, contacts, and opportunities during their degree. Comm Lead is committed to providing critical support to all students as they navigate graduate school.

Comm Lead cultivates strong relationships with businesses and institutions across the Puget Sound and beyond. We have Comm Lead alumni working in all corners of the region, and the our alumni network is active and strong. Furthermore, each Comm Lead cohort provides an invaluable network automatically, from the first day you attend class together in the fall.

Beyond this, your experience prior to entering the Comm Lead program may have some influence on your employment opportunities when you finish:

  • For those who have limited communication-related work experience and limited work experience in general, the benefits are that the degree will help to open doors to a new career and expand career choices.
  • For those who have limited communication-related work experience but have several years of work experience (mid-career professionals), the program will enhance their career in the fast developing communication field and help to expand the scope in their daily work, which may lead to a promotion because almost all companies have to develop strategies to adopt appropriate technologies and communication strategies to prepare for the transformation of their companies.
  • For those with communication-related work experience and several years of work experience, the program will help them synthesize their existing experience, i.e., instead of "knowing what to do" in the digital media and networks environment, they also can explore "the reasons why they do things in such a way;" or "explore ways to do things differently." (That is what we call, creativity, innovation, or simply problem-solving).
  • It may help students to start up their own businesses. We think that acquired knowledge is not an end in itself. Students learn best by learning new skills and putting them into practice. Therefore, we encourage students to experience the special challenge of entrepreneurship such as launching their own digital media business.
  • In addition, the Comm Lead program provides a good network to meet professionals of similar interests, because this is a specially designed program. Unlike in an MBA program, where they may meet generalists, such as accountants and human resource managers. So, our Comm Lead program can develop a strong personal and professional network for their future career moves.